CISD Bully Reporting Procedure

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In the event "bullying" is reported to and/or observed by a faculty or staff member the following procedures are in place.

Preventative actions:

  1. Increased adult supervision in bullying "hot spots."
  2. Involve students, parents, teachers, and staff in bullying prevention.
  3. Encourage teachers and staff to file incident reports of bullying.
  4. Integrate bullying prevention material into curriculum at each grade level and school activities.
  5. Promote extracurricular activities.
  6. Reinforce positive social interactions in an inclusive environment.
  7. Establish a school culture of acceptance, tolerance and respect.

Corrective actions:

  1. Student(s) are referred to either the Counselor or Principal's office depending on the type and severity of the bullying.
  2. Verbal and no confrontational bullying behaviors are referred to the Counselor's office. Parents are immediately notified after mediation has taken place.
  3. Bullying behaviors that are physical in nature are referred immediately to the Principal's office. Parents are notified and behavior contracts are signed. The type and severity of the incident guides the principal in his decision making. However, if more severe discipline is warranted, the principal will follow the policies outlined in the CISD Student Code of Conduct.
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